Aloe Vera GEL 100g


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BioSparsha Aloe Vera Pure Gel – Beautiful Skin & Hair Naturally! HOW TO USE BIOSPARSHA ALOE VERA PURE GEL: It is a known fact that aloe vera is a miracle plant with innumerable benefits. Its skin healing and remedial properties have worked wonders. We bring to you Biosparsha Aloe Vera Pure Gel for topical use that improves the quality of your hair and skin. Aloe Vera is an excellent sunscreen and is effective for skin breakouts caused due to sun exposure. Biosparsha Aloe Vera gel soothes skin irritations and rejuvenates the skin. The Gel improves skin texture, reduces blemishes, lightens skin tone and repairs damaged skin cells. It is suitable for all skin types. It amazingly exfoliates your skin and can also be used over the body to lighten dark patches. Smooth and radiant skin with lustrous hair is what everyone wishes and this is what Biosparsha Aloe Vera Gel aims to deliver. It increases collagen production, works as an anti-inflammatory and helps remove tan and scars. KEY INGREDIENTS OF BIOSPARSHA ALOE VERA PURE GEL: Get beautiful hair and skin Aloe Vera contains 75 active components that include vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and salicylic acids to name a few. Aloe Vera is widely used for food, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that heal wounds, treat diseases and enhance skin and hair. There are hardly any side effects known for applying aloe vera on the surface. DIRECTIONS FOR USE OF BIOSPARSHA ALOE VERA PURE GEL: Wash your face and pat dry. Apply a small amount of Biosparsha Aloe Vera Gel evenly over entire face before going to bed and let it stay overnight. For better results, apply the gel in the morning after bath and wash it after one hour. Men may apply this over their beard as well. Don?t expose the skin to direct sunlight after the application of the gel. PACK SIZE OF BIOSPARSHA ALOE VERA PURE GEL: 100gm packs (240gm packs also available the same)

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  • 100% Pure & Natural Aloe Vera Extracts
  • Zero Chemical Preservatives Added
  • Moisturises and heals dry and flaky skin
  • Soothes irritated Skin & Applicable for all skin types
  • Accelerate the healing of Burns & Wounds
Aloe Vera GEL 100g
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